Aims and purposes

  • Smart resource management by means of building and maintaining of smart grids;
  • Change of the consumers’ behaviour;
  • Consciousness about the benefits of the renewable energy as an individual, domestic user and in а global aspect.

We shall:

  • Carry out research, launching, and protection of the economic, social and professional interests of the members of the association in relation to the development of the production of ecological energy from renewable energy sources, as well as popularizing the activity of its members via the media, the press and the public.
  • Collect, summarize and make proposals for amendment of the legislation in force, as well as to establish contacts with legal and the executive authorities in the country and the European Union, in regards of active participation in making propositions concerning normative deeds and their alternative projects in the area of the renewable sources of energy.
  • Cooperate with the members of the association, state and local authorities in matters related with the deployment of the renewable energy; as well as to cooperate and participate in the development of branch projects.
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