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  • Duration: 36 months
  • Beginning: July 2012
  • End: July 2015
  • Sponsored by: European Commission, Intelligent Energy Programme (75% of the costs)

Aims and goals:

  • To track out the fulfillment of the indicative targets as set by the Directive 2009/28/EC (NREAPs).
  • To identify the weak points and barriers for the future development of RES. *

* If a certain country has fulfilled its targets does not automatically mean that there are no issues or impediments for the RES.

Ways to achieve the goals:

  • Parliamentary workshops;
  • Meetings with MPs in the National Parliaments;
  • Meeting with MPs in the Euro Parliament;
  • Creation of a website targeting the wide public that uses intelligible language and clear visual trajectories and progress;
  • Creation of in-depth reports and analyses of the countries’ progress in achieving the targets;
  • Identifying of burdens and barriers for the RES deployment and development and creation of policy recommendations;
  • Creation of virtual “legal-helpdesk” where parliamentarians, institutions, related parties, associations and citizens may ask questions that needs a ”legal vision”;
  • Media campaign, targeting lawmakers and additionally (and separately) the wide public, for creation of a more stable image of the renewable energy as means to tackle  the energy problems, not just as a financial burden; busting of myths and statements from nuclear and coal lobbies, etc.

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